3 reasons why women choose a watch with a small dial

 For a woman a watch not only tells her the time but is definitely a key fashion accessory. It completes her look and defines her identity. Watches for women are a style statement. It can either build or break a look. It is said that women’s shopping is never complete without buying a watch.

The dial of the watch is the background on which the number or indications are marked indicating the 12 hour cycle. The dial of the watch also contains the hour, minute and sometimes the second hand.

When the dial of the watch is in between 20 -30mm, it is considered as a small dial watch. Watches for women generally have a small dial. They consider it more sleek and elegant. Watchmakers around the globe have observed an upcoming trend that modern day, urban women prefers small dial watches to the large dial ones.

It is said that after the 2008 global financial recession, as the investment portfolios shrank so did the size of the wrist watches. A bad economy made it difficult to show off the giant size watches on ones hand. Though the recession has been a thing of the past, the trend for smaller watches continued among the women. There are various reasons for this choice which can be discussed below in detail.

  • Sleek and Elegant

Small dial watches not only look sleek and elegant but they also make a powerful statement. The small dial watches goes with the personality of the women. Gone are the days when the women used to prefer large, clunky watches. The modern day women find large watches gaudy and loud. The present day trend is not to show-off. This is the reason the designers of watch makers all around the world like Titan, Timex, Sonata, Fastrack have concentrated on small dial. So, now the watches for women are generally made with a dial size within 30mm.

  • Comfortable

The small dial watches for women are much more comfortable to wear than the large dial ones. Women generally have small wrist size, so these watches fits perfectly on them. It is easy to glance at a small dial watch and keep on schedule. They add beauty and grace to the hand. The large, over sized watches are also difficult to manage. Luxury brands like Chanel, Dior, Longines, Tissot are also now crafting watches within 30mm size. Nowadays, luxury means more discreet and subtle. Accordingly, the small size wrist watches look clean and elegant.

  • Goes with anything

The small dial watches for women have an added advantage that it goes with any outfit. This type of watches can be worn with a sari, or an evening gown, or a jeans and top, or with skirt and top. They do not look odd with any type of dresses. They do not interfere with your jewellery or the embroidery of your outfit. The small dial watches helps to keep your jewellery in focus. The small size watches for women are more feminine in nature. They are suited for all types of attire of women. You can wear them to your college, or to your work station, or to a party. They are not going to spoil your look.

So, in the end we can say that the small dial watches for women are very much in trend. They are equally favoured by the youngsters as well as the matured women. The small dial watches are considered very sophisticated and elegant, and they are in vogue now. If you want to purchase a watch you can try out from the varieties of small dial watches available in various online shopping marts.