Why Amazon Prime Video Service Is Worth Purchasing?

With the recent advancement in technology, a lot of changes have taken place in the world of entertainment and mass media. Television is entirely revolutionized. Earlier, it had limitations, but now with the emergence of smart TVs and apps, the concept of interactive television has been developed to give you a whole new Television experience.

Amazon prime video services

Interactive television is in huge rage these days. You can stream video services anytime you want. Now the question is how’s that possible? The answer is “with the help of Amazon Prime Video Services”.  Yes, Amazon prime video is leading in the entertainment world for offering a huge amount of on-demand content.


  • TV shows, movies, music etc you get everything on demand, provided you have internet connection. It’s best streaming services providing original TV content. It broadcasts many award winning Top shows like The Grand Tour. You just need a subscription for accessing them.
  • Users can setup Amazon Prime Video services on many devices and watch the content on PCs, Laptops, gaming consoles etc.
  • These videos can be viewed in
  • SD – Standard Definition
  • HD- High Definition
  • 4K Ultra HD
  • You can also watch it with your entire family on your smart TV. Yes, it’s not just limited to smart phones, tablets or laptops. No matter, what brand TV you’ve bought, it will work. Just download the app from TV app store. It’s compatible with the brands like Panasonic, Samsung Smart TV, Vizio, Sony, LG etc.

You can shop smart TV from online stores. However, to get best deals, before making a purchase, it would be wise to compare product prices on top product-comparison websites like “CompareRaja.in”. It compares prices of various electronics and appliances from online sellers like Flipkart, Amazon etc so that you don’t have to work hard.

Why to subscribe?

Amazon prime membership gives you so much more than what you get from ordinary cable TV. It provides you numerous benefits, some of them:

  • Ad- free music streaming – music lovers, the prime music includes no ads and you get access to unlimited tracks and playlist.
  • View twitch prime, that too, with no ads, you get discounts on games as well.
  • Unlimited storage for storing your pictures on cloud.
  • There’s something in the store for book lovers, too. You can rent ebooks for free from the “kindle Owner Lending Library”
  • You can grab great deals from Amazon product sales, too.

How can I connect Amazon prime to my TV?

To access the services on your smart TV, you have to unblock the Amazon instant video using a Smart DNS or a VPN.As mentioned you need an app for running Amazon prime on your smart TV. Once you get the membership, follow below given instructions:

  • Download the respective app on your TV set.
  • Open it and enter your account (Amazon account) details.
  • Now watch your favourite shows and movies.

Finally, it has offline viewing feature, which means you can also download the shows or movies that you’re interested in watching.  You can download selected contents on your android and IOS platforms.  Isn’t it amazing?